A rising star

by Alli Grant in Local Life Posted on 09/11/2021 13:00

Local Jacob Barn is a rising star in the making, with the recent release of Australian written and directed film Love You Like That, as Alli Grant discovered.


The ability to make people laugh is such a delightful gift. Even better if you can make a career out if it. Just ask born and bred local, Jacob Barn, who secured a minor comical lead in the recently released Australian rom com Love You Like That.nFilmed in Cronulla, the Australian written and directed film is currently showing at Events cinemas the country over, having been filmed back in late 2019, in a pre-pandemic world.nThe cast and crew have had to wait two long years for its release, but, according to Jacob, it couldn’t have come at a better time.n“It’s the first Australian film to be released post Covid, and it’s such an uplifting and positive movie … it is a fresh of breath air and it makes people feel really good,” Jacob proudly says.nThe Blair State School, West Moreton Anglican College and St Edmonds College student moved to Sydney to follow his dream of performing, with a focus on musical theatre, which he developed a love for during his time with the Fringe Dwellers Theatre in Ipswich.


nIn pursuit of his dream, Jacob also took on several extra roles in commercials and television, even appearing on Home and Away.nHe landed the role of Doug Douglas, a local police officer, in the light-hearted tale of love. It’s the local actor’s first feature film role; an achievement he is incredibly proud of.n“I met a few different people doing different things and got a chance to do a table read for this movie.n“I went into that read with everything I had … I got an audition and landed the role,” Jacob recalls.nJacob goes on to tell me that he played opposite Australian comedian Steph Tisdale in the film – it was the first movie role for both Jacob and Steph.n“She was so incredible to work with, so funny, and we were able to learn the ropes together, going through the same first experiences at the same time I guess,” he explains.nThe film took five weeks to shoot, and was set and filmed in the Southerland Shire, which, coincidently, was where Jacob was living at the time.nThankfully, he recently got his ‘red carpet moment’ and really enjoyed watching cinema goers’ reactions to the film, laughing that during the first low-key release he had his back to the screen the whole time so he could watch his friends watch him, and make sure they laughed in all the right places.


nI ask Jacob about how surreal it must be thinking about that time, life in a pre-pandemic world.n“While we didn’t have to worry about Covid, the bush fires were raging when we were filming, and in a few scenes you can see the smoke … there were some really grey days,” he recalls.nCovid not only delated the release of the film, but it has also kept the Ipswich local away from his beloved family.n“Last time I was home, I had to drive up through the nightn“I am really looking forward to coming home for Christmas – the plan is to stay longer than a few days, and it has been a long time since I have spent more than a few days with my family,” he recalls, clearly missing home.nInterviewing Jacob is a pleasure – he’s witty, charming, and genuine. I can see why he loves comedy, but he tells me he’s just as keen to secure a more serious role.n“As cheesy as it sounds, the whole experience was a dream come true for me – what I had been working towards for so long … and from here of course I’m waiting to snag that big feature film role,” he laughs.nWith the world of the arts ramping up again and Australia becoming a go-to for producers around the world, it should only be a matter of time until our local star really starts to shine.

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