Aidan says it’s time for a holiday

Aidan Wales has been in the real estate industry for as long as he cares to remember.

To be precise he has been selling real estate for 31 years after a career in the beef industry.

“Having a job managing a cattle station in the Northern Territory and then coming to the big smoke, there weren’t many jobs you could get back in those days,” he said.

“You weren’t qualified for city jobs so a lot of people who came from the bush actually got jobs either driving trucks or something else, or in my case, in real estate.

“I came down here and got into industry by working for a property developer for 21 years where we sold and bought land all over South-East Queensland.”

In 2006 Aiden says the internet changed the development industry for good and he decided to move to Ipswich and has been selling real estate across the city ever since.

Initially, Aidan said the learning curve to becoming a real estate agent was steep.

“Brokerage was a far different game to the property development game,” Aidan explains.

“It’s a bit like being electrician doing air conditioners as opposed to an electrician that’s doing cars, both are about electricity but they’re different animals.

“I came to Ray White in Ipswich because they had the most reputable brand in real estate.”

Now, after 16 years with Ray White, Aidan is preparing to retire and hand over his baton to son and daughter duo, Jackson and Zoey, who continue to ply the family trade at Ray White in Ipswich.

“I gave Jackson a job as an associate six years ago after he told me he wanted to get into real estate, and so he has worked beside me and I taught him everything I knew,” Garth says.

Typically humble, everything Aidan knows includes an illustrious real estate career with award-winning know-how.
“I was in the top 10 sales agents at Ray White Internationally and he is now as well,” Aidan says proudly.

Rounding out the dynamic family trio is Aidan’s daughter Zoey.

“She’s been with Ray White for nine years and she worked in this office for me when she first came into the business,” Aidan says.

When asked what made him an internationally recognised agent, Aidan said honesty was the best policy he learned as an agent, and it’s a value he has since taught his son and daughter.

“It’s my number one tip for anyone wanting to become a real estate agent,” Aidan states.

“Being really honest and up front with people is the best way forward in this game.

“It has cost me sales sometimes, but it also makes you more money in the long run by being really honest, reliable and trustworthy.”

Aidan has seen momentous changes in Ipswich over the years, including a huge population growth.

“One of the things about Ipswich is it’s a bit like Parramatta was 60 or 70 years ago,” he says.

“Parramatta was on the outskirts of Sydney and as those coastal areas got quite expensive due to population growth, people started moving west.

“When I was a kid, Parramatta was out in the boondocks and a rough sort of area, well it’s the same as Ipswich, Ipswich was a rough sort of area in the boondocks and now that’s changed dramatically.

“It has become a far better place to live with a family friendly atmosphere, restaurants and a lot of lifestyle things to do, it’s a great place to live.”

Aidan says as Ipswich has changed, so too has the real estate game.

“The whole game is so transparent because it’s all out there, it’s on the internet,” he says.

“When you list a property today as a seller you’re going into the most competitive transparent market, your property has never been under more scrutiny.

“When someone comes to us to look at a property, they’ve done more research than you can poke a stick at.”

As for the current housing market, Aidan says he saw the boom over the past two years coming and is adamant the dramatic rise in prices will be a once in a lifetime occurrence.

Aidan remains upbeat about the future of the real estate and housing industry across Ipswich, saying those looking to buy their dream family home shouldn’t wait.

“The vacancy rate is still only about one percent or less and we’ve got the Olympics coming up here as well,” Aidan said.

“The market will hold up really well, its not going anywhere and every agent in this office is still battling to get stock so that means the supply is short and there’s still demand out there.

As Aidan puts down the crystal ball and looks towards his own future, there’s an excitement in his voice.

“I’m 70 years of age and I’ve worked bloody hard all my life and taken very few holidays, I was a bit of a workaholic,” Aidan says.

“I’ve seen a lot of Australia but not much of the rest of the world and that’s why I’m retiring because if I keep going I’ll be too old to do a lot of those other things I want to do.

“Real estate has been good to me but it’s time to go on a few holidays.”

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