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I attended the Anzac Day March in Ipswich a few months ago and had the opportunity to truly experience all that Ipswich has to offer. The small boutiques and businesses that line the main street and eateries along the way, give it that true community vibe, welcoming those from near and far into the heart of its city.

I love nothing more than unique fashion boutiques that tailor their products to a diverse range of customers and truly capture the essence of their business. Anyone who knows, owning and operating a business in any capacity is truly a challenge, and believing in what you have to offer and maintaining your vision both go hand-in-hand.

With all the big retailers and fashion brands on the market, it is easy to feel like a small fish in the big sea, but it is an absolute testament to those in Ipswich, who shop local and support local businesses all over town. From Oh! Jo Jo Boutique, to Obsession Shoes and Country House, just to name a few. These boutiques are a true representation of the endless options in fashion, accessories, and footwear at your very own doorstep.

“I’ll have what she is having”, is a familiar saying when you find someone wearing a garment from small boutiques because the pieces are often exclusive to that particular business. The other key difference in shopping local and at one of the Ipswich Fashion Boutiques is that the customer service and overall shopping experience becomes far more personal, with the view to understand the customer’s needs first and foremost.

What further sets the Ipswich fashion boutiques apart from the everyday retailer is the pride they take in their shop fronts and visual merchandising. It truly reflects the joy they have in their business by paying attention to the finer details, whether it be an ensemble, a theme or more importantly making it visually pleasing to those outside their shop front.

Like every business built from the ground up, there is a story and a journey for each and every boutique in Ipswich. One truly doesn’t form a sense of appreciation until they get to know the owner; talk about the road travelled and what compelled them to get into business. This is something I find personally inspiring, knowing the good times but also empathising with the hard times that can almost break any owner.

If I have learnt a thing or two from my time in Ipswich, its that the local businesses pride themselves on their passion; a love of what they do and hands down they value their customer’s needs, which truly gives meaning to the words, Ipswich Local.

“Allow your passion to become your purpose and it will one day become your profession.”

Quote by Gabrielle Bernstein
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