Fashion On The Field – Ipswich Cup 2022

The Ipswich Cup is nearly upon us, with families and friends invited to join together in one of the largest social events of the calendar year. It’s an opportunity to express yourself and your personality, strike a chord of class, and mix in some style and flare when it comes to choosing your outfit.

The general dress code for the Members Lounge is considered to be smart casual; closed in shoes and collared shirts for the men, with dress jeans and dress shorts deemed acceptable.

As we head into the cooler months the fashion ensembles and wardrobe attire often become a little more about comfort rather than the less is more approach. However, the perks of living in Queensland are that the cooler months still bring a lot of sunshine to our place of paradise. During Autumn this usually means a change in colour schemes, and perhaps the odd coat, jacket, or closed footwear to accommodate the drop in temperature. However, the focus on fashion remains on statement dresses, unique headwear, complimentary accessories, and fashionable footwear.

Women can embrace a mid to full-length dress with patterns and prints, teamed with belts and dramatic headwear and accessories. They also have the luxury of considering two-piece ensembles and pantsuits for a more professional appeal.

In choosing a bold piece of headwear, it is often preferable to take a more simple approach with ones attire in both colour and fit. In contrast, the more striking the outfit, the more refined and simple the headwear should be. If hats, headbands, and fascinators are not to your liking, you may choose to stick with clips, flowing curls, up styles or slicked buns.

For the purpose of choosing colour schemes that fit the season of Autumn, you may like to consider some of the following: red, gold, navy, teal, deep purple, khaki, brown, burgundy, just to name a few.

The season and colour range is merely a guide, as is your style and comfort for the purpose of attending a race day. It’s important to feel like yourself and express your idea of style in whatever capacity that may be.

As for the gents, it’s the perfect opportunity to show up the ladies and bring your ‘A game’ to the track.

Starting with a well-tailored suit. If you’re as much of a risk taker on the track as you are in the closet, consider a bold suit, or one with pin stripes/patterns. Follow this with a shirt and tie that compliments the suit, and don’t shy away from layers. For example, if you go bold on the suit, go simple with the shirt choice and vice versa.

All-in-all it’s very much about the details, from the tie to the pocket square, cuff links and the type of shoes that you wear on the day. The details for a man can be compared to the headwear and accessories for a lady.

When choosing footwear, go clean and classic, sophisticated or edgy. Boots are definitely not a dying trend and are the perfect footwear to accompany a suit. Alternatively, a pull-on or lace-up leather shoe is also a great option, coupled with a funky patterned sock or a plain colour for the simple gentleman.

If you would like to step up your race day ensemble, add a hat or sunglasses to polish off the entire look.
My final piece of advice for the Ipswich Cup is to take a punt on the field and in your wardrobe. After all, style means being curious and having the confidence to choose what you love ~ Oma Ford.

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