Ipswich named one of the top cities for first home buyers

by Rachel Vickary in Local Property Posted on 09/11/2021 13:00

East Ipswich has just been named one of the 120 top places to purchase a home in Australia, thanks to the availability of affordable housing and the new $32 million upgrade to East Ipswich train station.


While house prices continue to be an ongoing issue for many first home buyers, June Frank at Walker’s Real Estate said there are definitely still bargains to be had for people keen to live in Ipswich.n“There are still properties available in Ipswich for around the $250,000 price, though these may be in need of renovation, or may be located in a flood area,” June said.nShe advises buyers, particularly those looking to get into the property market for the first time, to be realistic about what they can afford, and lists some of the many benefits of purchasing a post-war or workers’ cottage as a first home.n“For first home buyers, it’s cheaper to own your own property than it is to rent, and your property will continue to increase in value.n“We’re seeing a lot of first home buyers from Brisbane who are looking to purchase a property that’s far less expensive than in Brisbane and where they can still get a good-sized yard. The post war and workers’ cottages usually have good ceiling heights and good-sized rooms, so it’s a great option for those planning to have families, and you can still find them in nice areas like Eastern Heights and Silkstone.n“I recently heard from one first home buyer that a property they’d been looking at in Paddington last year for $900,000 had jumped to over $1.9 million.n“Even total renovator properties in Brisbane are going for more than $850,000.”nShe said East Ipswich’s place on the top 120 places to buy property in Australia was largely due to its generously-sized houses and yards, and its proximity to the upgraded railway station.


n“Good on Jen Howard for helping the station at East Ipswich have a major upgrade. It makes it so much more attractive to buyers who commute to Brisbane – who can afford to park in Brisbane CBD these days? – and the added infrastructure was one of the reasons for it rating so highly on the list.”nJune said she and her team are seeing a diverse cross-section of buyers, from medical staff moving to the area as part of the health precinct expansion, to Olympic Games builders who will be working in the area ahead of the 3032 games in Brisbane.n“When the Commonwealth Games were to be held in Brisbane, we had quite a lot of people who were buying properties a few years in advance, while it was still affordable, and then renting it out until they moved here to work on the games.n“We’re also seeing parents and grandparents who have been stuck in Sydney and Melbourne and haven’t been able to see their families, so they’re moving here to be closer to them.”nHer advice for first home buyers is to be realistic about what you can afford when first getting into the property market.n“I’d advise anyone to get into the property market as soon as you can, even if it means your first home isn’t your dream home. The longer you wait, the more expensive it will become so do whatever you can to buy your first property, and it will earn money for you as prices go up.nJune said she is forever grateful to the Ipswich community for supporting her real estate business for almost 33 years.

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