Raising a modern family in Ipswich

Artist, mother, teacher, wife. Those words are not placed in order of significance, they are simply what it takes to describe this modern Ipswich Mum.

For Springfield High School teacher, Renee Yates, Mother’s Day is celebrated in a relaxed, interesting and caring manner. There’s a couple of things she particularly appreciates – a cup of tea in bed presented by her daughters, then a family drive through the Scenic Rim perhaps with a stop at markets or quirky stores.

Renee enjoys the country areas around Ipswich, as much as the diversity of urban facilities available in the CBD. In fact, she believes she’s living her best life in Ipswich. Fifteen years ago she made the move from Brisbane to Ipswich. Her reason for relocation was similar to many other young people.

“I came to live here because I wanted to buy a house, and I couldn’t afford to do that in Brisbane,” she said.

The young teacher bought her first home near the CBD, renovated it and today she and her family are still living there.

“Ipswich is a great place for families,” Renee said.

“There’s so much to do here – and plenty of support for families.”

“I don’t have family living close by,” she said.

“But I was able to make friends and join in community activities.”

Renee makes use of her natural surroundings.

“I love living near Queens Park – we go there a lot to enjoy the park and see the animals,” she said.

Renee finds the cultural heart of the city a great drawcard, full of interesting activities together with creative shows and performances.

“There is a rich, creative community here,” she said.

“At the Ipswich Art Gallery, the children’s Gallery always has something going on there and the girls often go there.

“The Children’s Library is also is a great place.

“Over the holidays, the kids participated in the science activities.

“The children have spent countless hours there.”

Renee, too, is an active and recognized participant in local culture.

Among other events, she was named as winner of the New Media category in the 2023 Ipswich Art Awards.

The show has been running for 22 years. Last year, the event attracted more than 400 artists and 570 pieces submitted across eight categories.

Of course, with a young family, transport is a priority and she said that having the training so handy, is great asset.

That, along with having an assortment of good schools, means she call Ipswich her long-term home.

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