Save money by respecting water

AS cost of living continues to hit the hip pockets of local seniors, Urban Utilities has shared the low cost devices, appliances and changes to everyday habits that could save you hundreds.

With the current hot weather being experienced across the South East, Ipswich residents are likely to be turning to water as one way to cool down.

Urban Utilities spokesperson, Michelle Cull, said there were plenty of simple ways to relieve pressure on both your water bills and the region’s long-term drinking water supplies.

“Low-cost devices such as flow controllers on taps and water efficient shower heads can deliver big water and money savings and are a simple DIY job to install,” she said.

“If added to your taps, flow controllers can save an average household more than 20,000 litres of water and around $85 a year.”

Ms Cull said another way to save was to choose water efficient appliances when it comes time to replace big ticket items like washing machines and dishwashers.

“If you’re shopping around for new appliances it’s a good idea to keep water efficiency in mind as the savings can really add up,” she said.

“Look for models with the highest WELS rating; the more stars, the more efficiently it uses water, and the more money you can save.”

Ms Cull said making your home more water efficient can benefit more than just your hip pocket, it can also support our region’s long-term water security.

“Our dams may be full right now, but we also know our drinking water supplies are under increasing pressure from climate change and population growth,” she said.

“We’re planning well ahead for water security for generations to come, but we all have a role to play in caring for our water.

“That’s why it makes sense to set our homes up to be as water efficient as possible, whatever the weather.”

Deebing Heights mum Bliss Grayson said water efficiency was front of mind when her family recently invested in a new washing machine.

“It was really important that we picked one that had a high water saving efficiency rating, so we bought a front loader and it’s making a difference,” she said.

“We’ve also been encouraging the family to save water around the house wherever possible, including tipping leftover water from water bottles into the garden.”

Ms Cull said there were many ways to save water without spending a single dollar.

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