Volunteers are vital cogs in the Meals on Wheels machine

MEALS on Wheels ability to connect and feed so many district residents require a massive co-ordination effort by its small administration staff.

Five days a week more than 70 volunteers go along to Meals on Wheels branches and assist in the kitchen, with administration and deliver the meals.

The organisation’s main kitchen in Ipswich churns out more than 350 nutritious meal packs daily for residents spread far and wide.

Operations Manager, Judith Corvi (right), is the person who co-ordinates the volunteers and that was what she was doing the other day when the Ipswich dropped in.

It takes just two hours out of your day to be a volunteer with Meals on Wheels and the organisation is always looking out to add more names to its ledger.

It has been a difficult period for Meals on Wheels through Covid with many volunteers calling in sick and going into isolation.

Meals on Wheels district manager, Rebecca Dakin, said anyone who can spare even a little time helping would be welcomed by the organisation.

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