Way Back When

When researching for articles, I am always amazed by the trivial pieces I come across, and I thought this month I would share some of them with you.

Things like the original court house was a wooden building erected by Mr William Vowles in 1847, which later became the site of the general post office in Brisbane Street. A new courthouse was built in 1858 and continued to be extensively altered throughout the years. However, the main portion of the structure was retained.

One of the earliest schoolmasters, around 1848, was Mr Dan McGrath, who opened his first school in a small slab building that later became the site of the Christian Church on East street. Mr McGrath reigned for many years as the “village schoolmaster” and was described as a jovial Tipperary man.

Mr F.A. Forbes opened a shop on the site in Thompson’s row, between Bell and East Streets, later known as Union lane.
The first resident doctor was Dr Peter Nichol, who had his surgery on East Street. Dr Nichol resided in Little Ipswich.
In 1909 it was reported that in 1842 the first marriage in Ipswich occurred by the very Rev. Dean Hanly, and was that of Mr and Mrs W. Vowles. In 1847 the marriage of Mr William Horton and Miss Campbell took place in the Red Cow Hotel in Bell Street – said to be the oldest hotel site in the city.

Mr George Holt, was the leading baker of Ipswich around 1850, which was prominently connected with the river traffic between Ipswich and Brisbane.

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